Emulsion Developers Regular

Emulsion Developers (32 & 128 oz.)

Lisap fully stabilized cream developer gradually releases oxygen for even color penetration. Formulated with lanolin, it actually restores dry damaged hair laving hair incredibly conditioned. Available in 10-20-30-40 Volume Strengths. Rich and creamy emulsion developer is fully stabilized, which means it will not lose its strength. A high quality developer formulated with special oil derived from lanolin will assure protection and natural moisturizing abilities for better color penetration.


Emulsion Developers (32 & 128 oz.)

Blue developer is formulated with a light blue pigment to neutralize gold/orange tones. Blue is excellent for high-lift Blondes. Available in 20-30-40 Volume Strengths.

Easy Emulsion Developer (32 oz. & 128 oz.)

Easy Emulsion Developer is important to use with Easy Color. Its special formulation is based on high concentrated lanoline and hydrogen emulsion.
Easy Developer is designed to provide a boost of protection to the hair's natural structure and moisture levels. Available in 10-20-30-40 Volume Strengths.

DousColor Activator (32 oz. & 128 Oz.)

DousColor fully stabilized emulsion Activator is made especially for use with DousColor.

DousColor Glamour Activator (32 oz. & 128 oz.)

DousColor fully stabilized emulsion Glamour Activator is made especially for use with DousColor Glamour Shades.