LK Permanent Cream Color AA (anti-age)

Advanced formula has a remarkable low concentration of 1% ammonia, with innovative micro molecular colors that gently and evenly penetrate the hair resulting in a perfect color. Provides 100 % gray hair coverage. Rich in natural extracts of coconut, LK provides maximum protection to the keratin and structure of the hair. Non-progressive, LK is a self-timed color, which guarantees an even color from roots to ends.


  • A full spectrum of rich vibrant shades
  • Extraordinary reds rich in pigment for longer lasting color
  • Low concentration of 1% ammonia
  • Superb high lift blondes that lift up to 5 levels
  • 100% grey coverage even on the toughest gray/white hair
  • Special gold series makes color corrections easy to achieve
  • Non progressive LK will not turn darker or lighter than the color applied
  • Special blend of coconut extracts that highly condition and protect the hair
  • Ultra shiny results
  • Rich and creamy, mixes easily in a bowl or applicator
  • No stain, odor or irritation to the scalp
Flash Contrast

Flash Contrast

Flash is an easy way to create bright colorful tinted streaks along with partial effects on dark, natural or tinted hair without pre-lightening. The Flash collection includes 4 high shine reds for a totally new fashion statement.


EASY ABSOLUTE IS NOT JUST ANOTHER HAIR COLOR LINE: Formulated with Keratin, Argan and essential Oils, Heliogenol and Organosilicon.

What’s NOT in our hair color is just as important as what is: NO Ammonia, PPD, or Resorcinol.

New Easy Absolute is designed for the discriminating salon client who demands the best in hair color without harsh chemicals. EasyAbsolute was created for the ever growing population of health conscious clients.
Unique micro-emulsion complex for longer lasting color, intensity and 100% gray hair coverage. Lifts up to 5 levels.

Formulated from pure botanical ingredients, Absolute actually conditions the hair as it colors, leaving hair with incredible shine and vitality.

With a vast array of natural looking vibrant shades to choose from, it’s now Absolutely Easy to get the hair color of your dreams without harsh chemicals or unpleasant odors. Coloring with Easy Absolute is the new trend in hair coloring.

Experience Easy Absolute no ammonia hair color and see why so many salon professionals as well as clients have chosen a natural, healthier approach to hair color.


No ammonia no lift semi-permanent gel hair color formulated with a jojoba oil-conditioning base for shine and moisture. Versatile; revive or darken natural hair or change the tone without lightening natural hair. Provides maximum coverage of gray hair. DousColor is also excellent for men as it gives the natural look they so desire.
Glamour: No ammonia hair color especially formulated to achieve a rich, vibrant red tone when applied on natural dark hair. Mix with DousColor Glamour Activator to achieve demi permanent reds and special effects. Mix DousColor glamour with DousColor activator to achieve a true semi permanent hair color.

Easy Escalation

Easy Escalation

Easy Escalation is a 100% ammonia free permanent cream hair color. Formulated with the unique HGL system, that allows the color to lift up to 4 levels without any ammonia, Easy provides 100% grey coverage. Amazingly this permanent color actually conditions as it colors, due to its natural, botanical ingredients. Hair is actually healthier and shinier after the color service than before. With a wide array of brilliant shades, Easy is a great choice for the health conscience client or the client who is apprehensive about hair color.


Easy Gloss: Color refresher and treatment

Use in between color service to revive color or on natural hair for incredible shine.