Compact Tub

Compact Tub (1000 gr.)

This amazing all-purpose no dust bleach is excellent for on and off the scalp applications. Extracts from rice starch protect the hair leaving it in superb condition. Compact Bleach is excellent for all types of highlighting techniques.

Bleach and Lights Box

Bleach & Lights Box (1000 gr.)

100% dust free light blue powder in a box is a great value, as well as a gentle delicate bleach, a great addition to the Lisap conditioning bleaches. Leaves hair in amazing condition. Lifts up to 6 levels.


Easy Fast Lights

This ammonia free, heat activated super fast bleach lifts 5 levels in 15 minutes. Shining is excellent for any foil or highlighting techniques. Protective agents help keep hair in excellent condition. Perfect for the busy colorist and client. (Packaged in 1-tube of cream & 4-packets of powder.)

Color Remover

Color Remover

Conditioning color remover, formulated with rice starch and lanolin to insure the integrity of the hair, Color Remover safely lifts up to 2 levels of cosmetic color. So gentle, it can safely be applied on chemically treated and relaxed hair.